Are you still into it?

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#1 solemnraven on 2 years ago

I have been interested in EGL for a long time and did some dressing up from time to time however I noticed that it has been a long time since EGL has been seen around my area. Is this still a popular thing? Are you guys still into it? I still like and enjoy, but wanted to know others opinions.


#2 GenLover on 2 years ago

I still do EGL from time to time. Now I'm into more Mori Kei and Dolly Kei but sometimes I just throw everything together with EGL and it leads to some interesting and cute results. It's definitely still popular around here, just depends on where you go I think

#3 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

It's still around. I certainly see lots of people at cons dressed in EGL. It's always nice to see.

#4 Bobbi on 2 years ago

Yep. *eyes the mound of dresses hanging off my wardrobe and realizing I don't have anything that meets the theme of the meetup I'm hosting this weekend*

#5 Angelx624 on 1 year ago

I'm still into it. Except I only do EGL in forms of cosplay, such as my Lolita Grell. ^^; I really want to do more lolita-based cosplays someday.

#6 Shana05 on 1 year ago

I have all my lolita stuff but I haven't worn it in forever. I've gained a lot of weight so some of it doesn't really fit. Also these days I'm so tired I need a real reason to put so much effort into to getting dressed.