Ash Ketchum

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#1 Todd_Aster on 3 years ago

this is my take on Ash, leather jacket and hat wanted a more real world look... still need a few things but mostly con ready





#2 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

Ah, I do like your 'bad' Ash. Interns of what you can do to refine this cosplay, I guess it all depends on what direction you want to take. Do you want it to be really bad @$$. Chains, more leather, maybe rips in the jeans. I'm not sure what you're doing for footwear, but combat boots would add a subtle edge.

#3 TheStickMaster on 3 years ago

It looks really good! I have mad nostalgia of that generation 1 Pokedex you're holding, nice touch. Did you craft the hat and jacket yourself or know someone that does leather working?

I think a similarly styled "bad boy" Pikachu perched on your shoulder would help elevate this cosplay to the next level. Possibly have some small scuffed up pokeballs dangling off a tactical belt or bandoleer?

#4 Todd_Aster on 3 years ago

i am wearing my hiking boots. may end up doing the rip jeans, i will actually have a Phoenix orb to go with it. and looking at having a realistic pikachu made to sit on my sholder

#5 DevilinDetail on 3 years ago

Maybe wear your hat backwards. It might look a little silly, but still.

Or give the above mentioned shoulder-Pikachu a ballcap as well.