AN 2016 Photoshare!

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#1 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 3 years ago

:bigtu: I and others want to see cosplays and what we missed.

#2 SuperBee on 3 years ago

I didn't take any pictures (well, just 3). If anyone has a picture of my Gyarados (the blue one with the scalemaille) I'd love a copy :)

#3 mazoku-chan on 3 years ago

here's my album

#4 seiryuux on 3 years ago

Finally got all my photos up. Here they are:

[URL=""]RWBY shoots (all days)[/URL]
[URL=""]Friday Vocaloid shoot[/URL]
[URL=""]Saturday Persona shoot[/URL]
[URL=""]Hall shots (all days)
[URL=""]Sunday RWBY Shoot "Shine" dance[/URL]
[URL=""]Two Tingles dancing[/URL]

Also, if anybody has pics of me as the following:

- Guilty module/ACUTE song KAITO (Vocaloid)
- Persona 4 protagonist (Dancing All Night attire)
- Junior and one of his henchmen (RWBY)

please post them here. Thanks, you're welcome and TAG AWAY!!!

#5 OurPhotoStore on 3 years ago

My photos are up in Flick:



#6 MelColley on 3 years ago

Here's my album: [url][/url]

I didn't get the chance to take many due to wearing my costume and also not moving much!

#7 dragonfly188 on 3 years ago

Here's my anime north 2016 photos. they are set to public.




#8 Ayren on 3 years ago

Here's my album:

#9 sage_blossom on 3 years ago

Here's my like 10 whole pictures from the con I posted on tumblr... I mean I guess there's still a shot that you or someone you know is in them!
[URL=""]Part 1[/URL]
[URL=""]Part 2[/URL]

#10 straylife on 3 years ago

Here are the photos I got over the weekend:

[url] North 2016?sort=3&page=1[/url]

includes Saturday Haikyuu shoot, Sunday RWBY shoot and Sunday Tales of shoot

#11 musicalcats on 3 years ago

Here are mine, feel free to tag if you can!:

#12 SuperBee on 3 years ago

Here's some websites from people who gave me cards:

#13 W1N9Zr0 on 2 years ago

Seriously late, but here's my photoset: [URL=""]Anime North 2016[/URL]