Single-Person Cosplay Skit? (Help and Ideas Appreciated!)

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#1 LittleBrit on 4 years ago

I'm cosplaying as Tracer from Overwatch at an upcoming cosplay competition/anime and gaming con. I've never been to a convention this big before, or been forced to go on stage longer than two poses and a quick twirl, and am a little bereft of ideas.

I'm in the process of making a short bit of music where her signature phrase ("don't worry loves, the cavalry's here") plays shortly before the music: Besides doing her poses from the game, can anyone suggest any ideas or advice on how to jazz up the performance a little?

Cheers and thank you!

#2 Cosplay Prince on 4 years ago

Having worked in theatre, I can tell you from experience that a little sound can go a long way.

If you have a program like Garageband, you can overlay sound effects on a track on top of the music, so that you have more to work off of in your performance. You can put it all on one combined track so that the sound operator can just hit play, and practice your timing more easily at home while preparing for the day.

For example, you could point your guns and then there'd be a shooting or explosion sound if you timed it right. if there's music, then you'd know where in the music to do your shooting pose.