Need help with Cloud crossplay

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#1 PoshCrusty on 3 years ago

Does anyone have tutorials for how to make the buster sword, bracelets/armor, and materia for a Cloud costume? I'm pretty much good on the rest of it-- professional seamstress, and I know how to style wigs. Just need help with the accessories/weaponry here.

Also, does anyone know where I can get theatrical contacts, but for a toric prescription? I mean my eyes are already light blue, but I'm looking to go freakishly bright blue if possible. Problem is, every webpage I've come across only lists non-prescription contacts or really basic prescriptions. If it's stupid expensive obviously I won't bother, but if I can find a bright blue pair for what I'd normally spend on lenses anyways I'm going to go for it.

#2 Krysteline on 3 years ago


I made a Buster Sword last year, and it was my first prop ever. I basically followed this site for the dimensions: [url][/url]

Except instead of wood, I made it out of insulation foam. Its about 2" thick pink foam squares you can find at Home Depot or Lowes. I had to use 3 sections of insulation foam for it, but I was making it for my Fiance who is 5'11", so as a crossplay you may only need 2 sections (the sword should be as tall as you, including the hilt). Use the site above and scale it.

I bought some PVC pipe for the hilt and I used connectors to form a U shape inside the foam to give it some structure. I sandwiched the PVC between two pieces of the insulation foam (so the buster sword was 2 foam boards thick). I had to cut a path in the foam for the pvc to fit so that the foam would lay flat. I then had another straight-away connected to the U (to form a blockey Y-shape) and that was the hilt. I then paper mache'ed it and mod podged and painted.

Hope this helps! It was a lot of work but not terribly difficult.

#3 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

Are you looking at classic Cloud or Dissidia? Both are vastly different in looks, while being still similar. But both have a vastly different belt/harness, shoulder armor and bracer.
I made this tutorial on the Buster Sword:
It's insulation foam. I don't have one on my newer version.
Anyway, I actually have the Dissidia version harness, shoulder armor and bracer that I'm looking to sell. So if you want to go the easy route, that's a way to do it, if not, I can tell you how I made them, but the shoulder armor is extremely different in method from how classic Cloud's armor would be made.