Male bodysuit for female

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#1 rionhart on 2 years ago

Hi, I'm an 18 year old female and I was wondering if there are any websites that sell or help develop bodysuits for cosplayers?

I plan on cosplaying Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise, and I want to cover my breasts as well as add mass for muscles. I don't want to just wear bandages over my breasts since I want to cosplay his characters as he appears canonically. In game he represents a very masculine entity

I know for both SH films they did a bodysuit for the actor (Roberto Campanella). Some of the behind the scenes footage showed he wore a bodysuit and revealed the actor wasn't extremely muscular. So I was thinking maybe that's possible for me too.

I already have platform shoes to achieve his height. I'm naturally 5'6" and with the boots (17cm 6in) they boost me to 6 ft. (In the films he's depicted as 7'1", but in game he's actually the same height as James Sunderland) And I can easily assemble his helmet and robe with tutorials. But I don't know a website that will sell realistic or custom bodysuits. The ones I've found online are usually the over muscular superman foam bubble suits. Or padded shirts that are made to be worn underneath clothes.

#2 rionhart on 2 years ago

i was thinking of something similar to this


but i'm not sure about how to go about making this

#3 Drigori on 2 years ago

Maybe something like [URL=""]this[/URL] ? Not the most realistic approach maybe but don't seems to hard to pull off :)

#4 nicopuri on 2 years ago

If you can pull the foam muscle suit off, that's awesome.

But if I were you I would just go with a genderbend pyramid head. I think that would be so cool and unique!

#5 Scunosi on 2 years ago

Though I don't have any experience crossplaying it sounds like you'd just want to wear a binder first then put an appropriately size bodysuit over that, muscles or no. Then regardless of whether or not you get the muscles you'll at least look flatter like you'd want.

You'd probably get more response for how to build the muscle suit in the sewing forum, it gets brought up there occasionally so there may already be threads to search for it, too. Also I've seen some Jojo musclesuits that looked amazing, somehow realistic while also looking cartoony (which I understand you may not want this being SH) but they could also be a good reference.