How do I make my eyebrows look thicker? (APH England)

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#1 hollipescerosso on 3 years ago

Hi! I'm kind of new to the whole asking on forums thing so if I chose the wrong section to post this please forgive me (?)

So, I'm going to cosplay as this character with really thick eyebrows (England from APH) but have no idea what to do to achieve such strong eyebrow game. I never ever used any kind of make up so I'm a noob in the field, and online I managed to find only tutorials that explain how to get thinner eyebrows (the glue thing).

Does someone have have any suggestions on what I could do?
English is not my first language so maybe it's a really easy thing and I just don't know how to look up for it. Somebody help? ❤

#2 PSY-chan on 3 years ago

Basically, you draw in brow hairs where you want them, with short strokes. An eyeliner or brow pencil should suffice, as long as it's nice and sharpened. You will also want to use a pencil that matches his brow color rather than your own, unless they're the same. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube if you need to see the brow filling process in action. Best of luck, and hope this helps!