Making grey burns/scars on neck and metal accessories?

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#1 ChromaDestino on 3 years ago

So I'm looking to cosplay my Tenno from Warframe, and I was curious to know how exactly to create the Void scars the Tenno have, as well as the metal pieces on their face/ears. They also have what appears to be a grey-like blush around the cheekbone area. It's my first time doing makeup which encompasses more than my face, and I was wondering what the best way to approach it would be?

I have examples [url=" Tenno/Warframe_20170303001135.jpg"]here[/url], [url=" Tenno/Warframe_20170303001114.jpg"]here[/url], [url=" Tenno/Warframe_20170303001104.jpg"]here[/url], and [url=" Tenno/Warframe_20170303001127.jpg"]here[/url]. Thanks for any help in advance!