Noob to cosplay (Quality)

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  • Hi,

    I would like to cosplay as a schoolgirl, But I'm looking for a real quality uniform.
    And when I look on a website like Amazon, i'm afraid of the quality.

    Can you advise me on websites which send real school uniform with original quality :) ?

    Thanks for your advices ^^

  • first of all just to get it out of the way no one is a noob here on anywhere its just inexperence please dont think of you,re self like that .....sorry got in to a bit of a rant there :(

    have you try cosplay sites theres plenty of them on the internet cant think of any wait how about cosplay house sorry for rant once again

  • Most of Costumes are made of Uniform Fabrics. You could not tell whether the quality is good or bad. If you are interested in one costume, you could ask the seller to provide you some material fabric. Then you could decide whether to place an order from them.