Tanning for cosplay for a character that tans?

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#1 Toribelle96 on 2 years ago

Like the ganguro style in Japan or a character who does spray tan would doing a spray tan too be okay or would it still fall under the racist category? Cause I mean you won't be imitating their natural skin tone but a fake one but daaang I'd be scared cause people get so upset easily what if people just called it racist seeing the cosplayer being two different colors without bothering to learn one character tans and called out the cosplayer?

#2 Sammie on 2 years ago

You should be fine if you stay a few shade close to your natural skin tone. You could try doing the makeup without a fake tan too if you are really worried.

In this picture the model did the makeup without the tan. [IMG]https://talleesavage.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/ganguro_1.jpg[/IMG]
While over in the picture you can see there is a fake tan

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