trouble with "xacto knives"

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#1 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

im wondering if anyone else has run into, and found a solution to an issue with
hobby and xacto knives, and how the blade is attatched

most i find use that pinch locking screw cap thingamadoo

which is nice, simple, but it likes to twist and loosen the blade
which is dangerous and a pita to deal with

i dont like the idea of just taping it so its not so easy to unscrew

is there perhaps other designs where your not fondling the bit securing the blade in place?

#2 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

Have you considered using snap blade utility knifes like these [URL=""][/URL]

After the tip of the blade of my xacto knife broke and got lost somewhere in my room I got super paranoid about stepping on it. When it comes to precision cutting, snap blade utility knife is not a bad alternative to xacto.

#3 Penlowe on 2 years ago

I use pliers to tighten the screw cap (GENTLY) just enough to not loosen as I use it. Not suitable for the plastic handle versions as this creates stress that will crack the handle, only metal handle types.

I lack finger strength as a result of old repetitive stress injuries, thus I must often use tools for things other people can do by hand.

#4 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

i have some wierd ocd crap when in comes to snap blades
firstly, that thier made to break, so i get paranoid, also im heavy handed with my tools
(i like making them work, a thicker wider blade has more drag/resistance, makes cut more difficult)

second, and really stupidly, it feels like an incredible waste of material
with the blade so wide, and your mostly dulling the tip but you toss out a whole 1x1.5 cm
chunk of metal
(yes i understand the size is for integrity, and break away for a more wholly fresh section)

the problem with the metal stick types is that
since your holding onto the fastner, any diagonal force applied to the blade
results in loosening the blade

i found these [url][/url]
which have the tightening bit at the other end, im hoping this will work better

these things have been around for how long? wheres the innovation?
i cant be the only one who has the problem with the blade comming loose or poping out
while cutting,
im just dang glad these are pull cut tools, cause anything else and id have the thing imbeded
into my fingerbone

but honestly, i wish there was a handle where you stuck a metal "pin"
through the "tang" of the blade, making it much more secure

i think i might make a few...

#5 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

ok, now im just depressed...

(sorry for my rant)

i just looked at all 6 of my differant "hobby" knives
and realised somthing,

there is absolutely no point in the hole in the blades,
larger handles with the hollow pincher,dont make sence to begin with,
but i always thought that the "common" pincher doohicky
atleast had a bit that went into the hole,

NOPE, flat, its purely friction holding the lil bugger in place

how hard is it, to make a mold (or tell the CNC) to make the pinchy doo
with a dipity and a bumpity, and use the hole in the blade,
to make the fondley hold the slicey,

i mean, i guess i shouldnt be surprized, i lost my faith in proper design, long long ago.
but ive always felt like, the simple things, that have been around forever,
perhaps, simply hit an optimized state

like scissors,
sure its not "universal" theres differant orientations for differant needs,
some come apart other dont, but theres nothing really left to improve on,
if your scissors dont work right, your either using the wrong type,
thier cheap crap, defective, dull, or your using the wrong tool for the job

this, is like, a pencil, a pencil that cant be sharpened, and cant be erassed,
why, you may as well have used a pen then right?

well thats what im gona do, normally when i make a comment like previous,
where i said id make my own, i might give it some thought, but i never really follow though

im not going to sleep worth a dang till i get these knives made
unfortunatly, i have to wait till everyone else in the house isnt sleeping
but as soon as they wake, im making noise, and mess,
till i got knives, where the blade actually secures to the handle,
like god intended

im like dos equis' "most interesting man in the world"
i dont craft, or use tools often,
but when i do,
i prefer to use something thats not a complete pile of trash

end rant, sorry again folks

#6 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

ever heard of cricut? It's a completely machine guided cutting machine.

#7 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

unfourtunatly, id be cutting things beyond the scope and ability of the machine
most of the time,
such as wood, and 110# cardstock glued and layred

so far, i tried carving my own knife handle, but with my non existant work area
and toolage, it came out quite horrible

my next venture is gona be making a mould/press i can mash some hot plastic into
and maybe try jamming in some jb weld puttys to see how they turn out

so now my problem is, how do i make said press,
cause i cant really afford to do lost foam casting and use molten metal
but trying to carve from wood will be harder than the handle that i messed up

it sounds like alot to go though for a silly knife, but i want the thing to be professional
and reproducable