The Greatest Showman cosplay

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#1 SweeneyTodd on 2 years ago

#2 Sammie on 2 years ago

I want to do the red vest verison as seen here but I'm having trouble with finding a pattern for the coat. I am in love with the soundtrack, it's the only thing playing in my car for the last for weeks. Any advice?


#3 Sammie on 2 years ago

I was looking around for patterns and was thinking that I could modify this one a little bit for the collar and curve the bottom of it for the tail part. Would this pattern be the closest to what I am looking for or is there a pattern that resembles the coat more with less modification?

#4 Asmaria on 2 years ago

Sammie, I did a few searches and found these. Not sure which you'd want to go with, but I searched 'frock coat' and 'ringleader', but then ended up on 'redcoat', 'British Navy', and 'Hamilton' as search terms for patterns. Nothing's quite an exact fit, but I feel like that will get you closer as you look around!

Simplicity 2525

Butterick 3072

McCalls 2258

This really looks close to the Royal Navy uniform coat, but I'm not all that historically versed, this is just where google led me, lol.


THESE TOO! [url][/url]
Simplicity 4083 (Jekyll & Hyde Victorian Coat Cape & Tophat pattern

#5 Sammie on 2 years ago

I didn't try searching for frock coat yet! Thank you for the helpful searches!

#6 Asmaria on 2 years ago

Glad to help! :D