Critique please.

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#1 Tinatang on 5 years ago

hello everyone
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#2 LoneReaction on 5 years ago

The photo looks nice, but I wonder why did you choose the crop off the tip of the sword? Also, the whitening (or over exposing) of the sides are a little distracting. Overall a very nice cosplay!

Just my 2 cents :)

#3 Ayase Shin on 5 years ago

you make an amazingly cute Mikasa!!! love your style!
you really bring out a very cute side of her even when serious~

#4 WonJohnSoup on 5 years ago

I think this is really good. I can see what you're doing for with the cloud effect. I think I would've personally just increased the gamma or lifted the entire shadow input/output in curves or levels and then painted parts of the effect in and out with a layer mask.

I really like the craftsmanship of the cosplay. It's kind of the clean look, something I don't usually prefer but works well here for here. Cropping off the tip of the sword sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. In this example it didn't bother me at all. If anything I would have just preferred if the foreground sword was tilted up a little bit more instead of being almost horizontal, but that's a minor thing. Overall, I think the photographer and cosplayer really came together on this one. Great job!