RWBY cosplayers?

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#1 Gabbyv23 on 4 years ago

I was hoping that someone would plan a photoshoot or something! I can't do it myself, because I don't know any photographers UnU

Anyway, me and my friend are going as Blake and Velvet respectively. Who else is cosplaying RWBY?

#2 AnotherBCISGuy on 4 years ago

I will be bringing my Jaune Arc and hopefully I will also have a Professor Ozpin with me. As far as a photo shoot goes I lack the knowledge of any photographers as well sadly. Looking forward to it!

#3 Gabbyv23 on 4 years ago

omg jaune!!! yes good.
sighs im rlly frustrated because i know they had one at a-kon and someone's doing one at san japan so idk why someone hasn't planned one for afest yet.

#4 Lurna on 4 years ago

I will be doing Weiss!