Anime Matsuri 2014: Photos/Con Reports/Videos Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 4 years ago

This thread is for posting any convention reports, photo galleries and video coverage from Anime Matsuri 2014!

Please note there is a separate thread for requesting photos people took of YOU at the convention, if you have any inquiries related to that, please be sure to post in the other thread, located here:


Thank you!

#2 trinhers on 4 years ago

Here is my share of photos! Feel free to tag yourselves! :) Thanks to everyone who stopped to let me snap a photo.. I appreciate it! :D


#3 Gamrz on 4 years ago


Hello, Everyone!

We would like to share a teaser of upcoming coverage of Anime Matsuri 2014. We have exclusive interviews with VampyBitMe, Stella Chuu and other cosplayers and various vendors. We plan to make the entire show similar to a documentary with some great voice over work of the event, and since is also a lot about gaming, we have a good amount of gaming coverage as well.

In the meantime, please check out our teaser and give us a like if you enjoyed it! We should have the full video up in a week or two, so please subscribe if you would like to watch that later.


Anime Matsuri 2014 Gamrz Coverage Teaser!: [url][/url]

#4 g00dapple on 4 years ago

Hello! As of 3/18/14 we are still editing photographs from Anime Matsuri, be sure to check back!


#5 Overbeck on 4 years ago

Here are my photos from Anime Matsuri 2014. Feel free to tag anyone you know.

Here are a few from Thursday.- [url][/url]

Friday Photos.- [url][/url]

Saturday Photos.- [url][/url]

A few from Sunday.- [url][/url]

#6 Sutafuzz on 4 years ago

Here's mine!


#7 FE Freak on 4 years ago

For those who posted Facebook pictures, they aren't available to those who don't use Facebook. Can y'all fix the privacy settings?

#8 Nay Tamaru on 4 years ago

Here's the photos that I took! the albums are public too :)


#9 vietgirl018 on 4 years ago

Here are my photos:

To tag yourself, you have to like my page. Thats how facebook settings does it :/

Here are the photos from Kollaboration houston photobooth:

#10 BoP:M on 4 years ago

Don't suppose anyone found a yellow cape? :( I'm looking for it..

#11 Shadarkness on 2 years ago

Ah the sticky is back. ^^ anyway, here's my full album of my Anime Matsuri 2016 experience: [url][/url]

Also I just uploaded a Vlog about my adventure through this year, and will have a Cosplay Music Video out in a few days! The vlog is here: [url][/url]

I hope you guys enjoy. ^^

EDIT: Whoops. I just looked at the year and noticed it didn't say 2016, how odd. My bad though, sorry I didn't notice that beforehand. ^^;