Real-person Cosplay...??

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#1 3DMG on 6 years ago

I'm not sure where else I'd post this, so sorry if this isn't a good place.

Obviously, by "real person" I mean someone who is a famous celebrity, not my next-door neighbor or something... I was planning on making and wearing one of the outfits from Muse's Panic Station music video or perhaps one of Matt Bellamy's more "interesting" stage outfits...

also here's some of the outfits in question, if it helps answer the question:


I might have already done so just by making this thread, but I just figured I'd ask before I made an ass out of myself. I was just wondering if this was something frowned upon or would earn me dirty looks... :confused:

#2 Tiffany_Park on 6 years ago

I've seen people do Lady Gaga and Kiss costumes before, but both those tend to be on the "spacier" end of things. I've also seen other famous folks cosplayed.

Venue can make a difference. For Halloween, anything goes. For conventions, it probably just depends on the local culture.

#3 Mangochutney on 6 years ago

When it's a performer's specific outfit, especially if it's very costumey and unmistakable as real clothes, there's no problem at all. Any weirdness would arise from an apparent attempt to ape this person's real-life persona, which you won't be doing. Go nuts!

#4 Magyarita on 6 years ago

My dream cosplay is actually a real-life person, Empress Sissi von Oesterreich! (Austro-Hungarian empress, 1837-1898)

I've also been toying with the idea of a parody Taylor Swift cosplay.

I think real-life cosplay of celebs and historical figures is fine, as long as it's not someone extremely offensive like Hitler or similar people.

#5 haru_sohma_lvr on 5 years ago

[URL=""]I've done Bettie Page before.[/URL] I always like to say cosplay whatever the heck you want. There will be [i]someone[/i] who will recognize you.

#6 lelechan on 5 years ago

There are a lot of people who cosplay J/K-rock and pop stars, especially if the performer has a highly recognizable costume from a particular music video. Visual Kei performers in Japan are especially popular for cosplay since they tend to wear highly unique and recognizable clothing (Victorian-era clothing, custom costumes, etc.) and have heavily stylized hair and makeup.

#7 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

i think your idea is very cool. i never think about that before. Usually we perform cosplay as cartoon or manga character, celeb? that's brilliant idea. love it