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#1 Tangled-up on 5 years ago

Okay so i have been looking for this but can't find ANYTHING!
i would like to buy 3 rapunzel wigs that are about 150 cm long, okay get it so far? yay!
so i want to tie them together somehow that they will form a wig that is approximately 450 cm long, but i dont know how?
something like this, but then shorter...
but i dont want to have rubber bands every few centimetres...
Does anyone know what to do, i want to wear it loose not in a braid.
Thanks for helping me out, mind the grammar ;)

#2 fledgling_fox on 5 years ago

I recently just finished styling a Rapunzel wig, (from here - [url]http://www.epiccosplay.com[/url]) that was 60" long. I originally planned, like you, to wear it loose, as it reached almost ground length on me. However, after even just removing it from it's packaging, it was pretty obvious how easy it got tangled up. I ended up having to braid it to keep it from getting beyond repair; a feat which took me two packets of gold bobby pins and seven whole hours.
If you do, however, want to make a wig like the one shown in the link, I'd recommend first of all contacting the original cosplayer to ask for tips. I would not wear it loose anywhere past waist length, as in just a couple hours of wear the tangles will be impossible to deal with. You might consider purchasing a whole lot of see thru or blonde wig caps and using them to secure the hair into sections, I think that's what she has done in the picture? The first Rapunzel shown at Disneyland had something similar (google image search!)
All in all, after my experience with the wig, I'd definitely say go for the braided look, or settle for a wig somewhere around hip-waist length if you want it out completely. My wig cost me about $80, and that was for the one, not to mention time I put into styling it. I think your idea would definitely look cool, but it seems to me, essentially undo-able. Sorry!

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