I need help with crossplaying.

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#1 skele24 on 2 years ago

I want to crossplay as Ruby Rose from RWBY. The only problem is that I am a male. This is also my first time cosplaying. Help would be very much appreciated. Als does anyone have any tips?

#2 josplay on 2 years ago

Do you need tips on how to look more feminine? Do you want a fake chest, stuff like that?

#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 2 years ago

@Skele24 Asking detailed, specific questions will get you way better answers on the forum-- vague "asking for advice" doesn't really help us help you.

I would recommend reading the stickie'd threads here in the crossplay forum and googling for tutorials. After you've done that, if there's anything you still need, ask!

#4 cat100 on 2 years ago


I don't have much experience with crossplay but this person did an amazing ruby crossplay they would be a good person to ask and yes looking it up online and asking more specifics makes it a lot easier to help you good luck

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