Best Body Paint Fixative?!

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#1 mustbeaweasley on 2 years ago

I'm using Mehron Paradise paint for my body painting and need a good strong fixative as I'm going to be in the paint all day. I looked at matching Mehron with Mehron, but their fixative seems rubbish from the reviews.

Any suggestions?


#2 ebanks90 on 1 year ago

If you are still looking for an awesome fixative try [URL=""]ben nye final seal[/URL]. I like putting on a thin layer before I apply my paint and letting it dry. This will create a barrier between the paint and the natural oils of your skin. Then I apply the paint, let it dry, and the apply another layer on top to seal it. This really helps with smudging, running, and looking awesome all day long!

#3 NeverCryAgain on 1 year ago

I agree with Ben Nye Final Seal. I would also consider something like hairspray. It can get a bit crispy, but for places that don't bend much, but that have lots of other contact, so something like your arm that goes under your cosplay, hairspray is great.