Panty Anarchy crossplay

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#1 Galaxithea on 3 years ago

I have come to barf out WIPs of my Panty (from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) cosplay to get an idea of what areas need improvement. I am painfully aware of not having faked breasts yet. This is also my first time using makeup of any kind. Please excuse the messy bathroom.

P.S. What would be some good poses for photos?

#2 StarsOfCassiopeia on 3 years ago

For your first time for a lot of these things, this is really solid! The dress looks great, the prop work is clean, and it definitely doesn't look like you just threw it together. :)

Based on what you wrote, I think you've already got a clue about what you need to work on. Starting with makeup, go bolder-- Panty is big and dramatic, and this is also cosplay, so everything needs to be super exaggerated to look good on camera. Your top eyeliner looks solid, though I'd also consider false lashes and some pretty heavy mascara. You can probably go darker on the lips too; maybe a bold red to match that dress?

Eyebrows are another area to consider. Yours are pretty dark, so maybe consider lightening them? There are plenty of non-permanent ways to do this, and you can find a ton of tutorials right here on just for that. Even if you don't go fully blonde, that might help you match the wig a little better.

Speaking of wigs, I think you can do a little more with yours too. The color is great, but you could definitely add some poof! Panty has a ton more volume in the bangs, so a little teasing and spiking will make you look way more screen accurate (as opposed to just sweeping bangs to the side. So many cosplayers are guilty of doing that and get a weird part as a result, myself included).

As for poses, your current pics are a solid start! I'd recommend looking to other cosplayers' photos and show screencaps for signature moves. Panty is crazy dramatic, so over-the-top/exaggerated poses are really good.

#3 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

Dang Stars got a lot of stuff there for ya lol Not much I can follow up with..But I guess what I CAN do, is agree with everything said, as another opinion for you.
I think this looks great, first off. Like Stars said, it looks very "obviously not just thrown together", as in it looks like it was made with care, or if you bought it, you bought a dress that was a nice one that looks very pretty.
One thing that Stars DIDN'T mention though, is using breast forms and hip/butt enhancing apparel if you can get some.
And I couldn't agree more with the wig. Panty's hair kinda does what Princess Peach's hair does, where it spikes out in somewhat curled spikes. At least adding some poof and making it sort of look like it has those spikes. Not exactly sure what to call them lol