Going alone?

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#1 BabyYoruichi on 3 years ago

Hello! It'll be my first time attending animeNEXT and i'm excited but i'll be going alone traveling from NYC on Saturday. So if anyone else is going alone and wants a con friend let me know ^__^ I'll be going as Elena from Street Fighter so say hi if you see me to :)

#2 2pSpamano on 3 years ago

I know the feel of going to cons alone, so feel free to say hi and hang with me and my pals if you need to! I'll be the Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu!! in King's gear on Friday ^^

#3 chrono4281 on 3 years ago

Sure! We can talk prior

#4 Keraa on 3 years ago

I'm down! Let's be lonely together!

#5 BabyYoruichi on 3 years ago

yay guys lets all be lonely together!

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