Am I missing out on something by not using The Five Wits?

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#1 Scunosi on 2 years ago

I hope this topic doesn't come off as too rude, but...

I've bought a few wigs over the years, ranging from brick-and-mortar costume store quality, random Amazon brands, to Arda and Epic Cosplay and I may be in the market for a new wig soon so I'm starting to review options. One store I've seen mentioned a few times is The Five Wits. I've never used them, and not to be rude but from their site I can't tell what niche I would use them for.

Do they sell pre-styled wigs? Their backyard-quality photos seem to imply this, but according to their FAQ they just get their wigs wholesale from other companies and don't style them, so maybe all their photos are just showing ways wigs could be styled. I also find their site kind of hard to navigate as all their styles have random "knockoff" character names rather than simple style names (like "bob," "pixie," etc) and they only sort by basic all-encompassing colors rather than breaking things down like "light brown," "dark brown," etc. So I have a hard time figuring out if they'd even have anything that would work for me.

Basically I'm curious if I'm missing out on something by not even considering them typically when I go to buy cosplay wigs (not general fashion/fun wigs), as someone with some basic-to-average wig-styling ability. I'd like to know there's good options besides Arda and Epic, but I also don't think I'd want to bother with what looks like it could be just a non-Amazon Amazon. If you've used them before, what did you use them for and how did they stack up to the "big name" wig companies, or to the costume-store-quality ones?

#2 Jei-Cos on 2 years ago

You aren't missing much. They have nothing you can't get at Arda. The longer wigs have a tendency to tangle into a nest at the nape of the neck area. I bought the wig they had for Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories, and the very first day I wore it, that area tangled to a point that no one I showed, was able to fix it. Their wigs fit about the same as Epiccosplay's wigs do, size-wise, but not ad large as Arda's wigs can fit.

Nope. You don't get them styled. The unstyled pics they have are basically what you'll get. They style them to show you what you can do with them. They also have character specific ones, like characters that have specific colors in certain areas of the wig, but you have to still style them yourself. The reason they use odd names is most likely do to copyright. I don't think they can legelally call them "[character's name] Wig". But I think it's also because they think it's cute and funny, even though it really isn't.

The only reason I ever used them and was happy to be using them, was doing Xemnas and Ansem Seeker Of Darkness wigs from Kingdom Hearts, because they use to sell one that worked for both styles, that had a widows peak that wasn't a lacefront, and not extremely expensive. Last time I checked, they don't even sell that one anymore..

#3 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

I don't think you're being rude at all, just doing your research before you buy is all. Hopefully I can help - I personally have never used a FiveWits wig before or own one (yet), but I've had them in my company since as I've previously bought wigs for my friend before and I've seen them at cons irl. However I should mention that my friend has two basic wigs, they are both black (and looks more brown in the sun but it looks natural) and the only difference is the length.
This is the way I see it - they are the only site you can find (that I find) character specific wigs - so if you want a wig for Jaden Yuki, they have one. If you are looking for a wig for Sailor Pluto, they have it (I personally like their Pluto wig better then Epiccosplay's and even matches up to Arda's, the only difference is the blends in texture and colour but they can work). So if you have a character in mind, they may or may not have a wig that could work. Some wigs can even be interchangeable for other characters so you might save money. As Jei-Cos and you said, you're right - they don't style them but sell character specific wigs.
I actually find it 'easy' to navigate their site in terms of colour, so if a character who has dark green hair, by clicking on 'green' it would fall into that category since it's still green, just a darker shade, unlike Arda. I don't get confused with Arda at all, because their site is simplistic and you have options in terms of shades of the colour you think might work.
I check out FiveWits from time to time, but Arda has always been my number one, mostly because their cap size fits me and they have more colour options as I previously mentioned. On a personal note, I'm actually curious about their cap size. I think it's 21" but can stretch to 23", I think? That's always been the turn off for me when it comes to their wigs, other then the lack of options.
If you find a wig that you think could work, they are all heat resistant so you don't have to worry about ruining them with heat - if you need medium to heavy styling I'd probably go with Arda. I think they are better quality then Amazon wigs, albeit pricey but the quality is good. I'm pretty sure the long wigs will tangle just the same as any. Oh, and they aren't shiny either, so there's that too.
So with all that aside, I think they're good quality wigs that are better then Amazon and eBay despite being more expensive so they are usable. They just don't have many options in terms of wigs but they are worth looking at since it doesn't hurt to look elsewhere to have options.
A 'sister' site to the FiveWits would be MatchWigs, which has both character specific wigs and more wig options.
I hope this helped! o////o