Kuroko's Basketball 2018 AX Gathering

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#1 JessGoyanes on 2 years ago

Hey guys! Its official! We have been placed on the board for the Kuroko's Basketball Gathering this year! I'm your host Jess. Some of you may already know me from last year since I hosted the last two years (the first year being entirely coincidental). It will be nice to see you all again. For all you newbies, like I said before, I'm Jess and i'm your host. I look forward to meeting you and seeing all your awesome KNB cosplays!

This year we are scheduled to have our gathering at Site 3. Its pretty fancy if i do say so myself and there is a lot of room. Meaning we can have some fun with pictures and all that stuff. Check out our Facebook page. There i will be most active and be putting updates to keep everyone informed. I know last year we had some issues finding the location due to some site changes but this time around it looks like it is a bit more organized, which is good! I want to make sure that everyone can make it, so keep an eye out during the con at the page for pictures of the location and such.

Anyway, im so excited to be hosting this year and meeting all you awesome KNB fans. This year ill be introducing Cheerleader Kagami, Vorpal Swords style so its going to be very fun! I look forward to seeing everyone! Till then, be active and get to know your other KNB buddies!

Attached is the link to the FaceBook Page
[URL="https://www.facebook.com/events/162845161091508/"]LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE[/URL]

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