Viking/bezerker clothing help

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#1 Kingin on 2 years ago

Hey all!
I'm trying to cosplay with my new hairstyle and beard but it's a lot harder than looks lol. It's more of the viking shot to shaved sides and long top. But I'm trying to find decent clothing to dress up like a viking or bezerker but hard to find anything that doesn't look way complicated.

Any pointers or help!

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

So, you don't have a specific character you want to do but a type? Most clothing that fits that category is actually REALLY simple, like big square tee shirt simple, but then wrapped with leather thongs, layered under animal pelts etc. It isn't an 'outfit' one can just buy as it, it's something you have to build in layers.

Pick some images you like and link them, then we can point you in a more specific direction.

#3 Kingin on 2 years ago

OK thanks for replying. Yeah I'm not really going for any certain character really just more of looking like a viking. [IMG][/IMG]
Here's some examples I like.

Thank's in advance

#4 Kingin on 2 years ago


#5 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Ok, he's wearing three layers on his torso: a long sleeved tunic of heavy twill, a short sleeved leather shirt, then a chain mail vest over the top. The pants are also heavy twill. Boots are boots.

To buy things like this... well, expect to spend a LOT of money. Look to Etsy and other indie artist/ maker sites for things that have been crafted to this kind of look. If you want to try your hand at sewing, the tunic and pants are reasonably beginner friendly.

#6 nathancarter on 2 years ago

Top things to consider:

- Are you going for "real" stuff with historical accuracy - real leather and chainmail and such - or are you just going for something that looks cool, is easy to wear, and reads "viking" to a casual observer?

- How's your budget? Is this a one-time just-for-fun kinda thing, or are you looking to start long-term building a set of outfit pieces that you can improve over time, and have assorted looks base don how you mix-and-match pieces from your collection?

- Are you looking to buy finished pieces that someone else made, or modify existing off-the-shelf(ish) items, or make it yourself from scratch?

Asses all those things. If you're up for making items yourself, figure out which skills you already have (or can learn!) that will help you get there. As Penlowe mentioned, pants and tunic are pretty simple - a sleeveless tunic is a really easy sewing (or leather-stitching) project, and simple pants aren't too much more difficult than that.

Basic leatherworking is not difficult, though there's a little investment in the tools and startup materials. Look for a Tandy Leather shop in your area, they have lots of good classes, helpful staff, and occasional sales (especially on imperfect pieces) that can help you get an inexpensive start.

Basic chainmail is not difficult but is very time-consuming. I personally find scale-mail to be even more satisfying than chainmail, though I don't know how accurate it really is (or if you care about accuracy). Look at for tutorials, materials, and tools.