Urgent flyaway-fuzzy wig help needed

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#1 kapelput on 2 years ago

I've bought a short black wig from Five Wits, it's heat resistant, and I thinned it out. Only problem is, despite my gentleness, it has developed a ton of tiny flyaways EVERYWHERE. There's only a few days left before FanExpo and I'm going out of my mind.

I've tried...

anti-static spray, dryer sheet rub down, applying light lotion, lotion-and-water DIY detangler, sillicone spray application (which makes the rest sleek but doesn't smooth down these flyaways), near-boiling water treatments, hair spray with hold, and using a slight bit of oil on my hands and smoothing it over the wig. I haven't tried a hair straightener/iron because I don't own one, but at this point I'm frustrated enough to consider buying one even though I'd get little personal use out of it (I have a form of alopecia and I also don't cosplay super often). It'd be a shame to retire this wig or swap it out... haven't even worn it to a single con yet! :miffed: I'd hate to buy that hair tool too only for it to not work either. :/ I've got an order of Mane n' Tail detangler on its way but at this point i'm started to worry it might be for nothing.

ANYWAY. Thanks for hearing me out. I've never had this problem with my Arda wig. I'd wear that one but this one I'm trying to fix has a better look for my character.

Edit: I'm gonna buy a blow dryer and try some pomade. And if THOSE don't work... iunno, man. FINGERS CROSSED.

#2 kapelput on 2 years ago

Just reporting that blow-drying has helped some, probably more than anything else, really! I've cut away some flyaways.

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