Anyone have experience with Maple Lense?

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#1 ShizuCheese on 3 years ago

So, I really need pink contacts for one of my cosplays for a convention in a few months. I've found the perfect ones (Eos Dolly Eye Pink), but Honey Color has been out of stock for months and even if the same weren't true for Pinky Paradise (which it is) they no longer ship to the US. I stumbled across Maple Lense while trying to find other places that might sell the same contacts, and they're in stock, but I'm nervous because while all of the reviews for them that I've been able to find are positive, the most recent one I could find was from 2015. Since, even if they're being used for cosmetic purposes, contacts are still *technically* a medical device, and I like to be hyper vigilant about these kinds of things, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this site or knew of another reliable place where I could purchase the contacts I need.


#2 Blood_Sword on 3 years ago

I haven't bought from that site myself (I've heard about them though, but it was years ago) but I wanted to chime in and say that the lenses you're looking for can be found at LensVillage here: [URL=""][/URL] (yes, they are in stock)

You can even use my discount code SAMURAI15 to get 15% off storewide (incl. cosmetics and sclera lenses). :) Shipping is free and I can tell you that I've bought from them for years and never had any issues. LensVillage is a fairly well-known circle lens store based in Malaysia; they're definitely one of my go-to shops when I need colored contact lenses!

Psst, I've revieved the Dolly Eye Pink that you're looking for! You can see my review here, if you're interested: [URL=""][/URL] (I have light blue-gray eyes)