Help for RWBY Blake cosplay weapon

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#1 Sanszhin on 2 years ago


I'm currently working on RWBY Blake cosplay weapon prop. The thing is I don't know how to carry the weapon on my back without visible straps, which would probably be seen on front part of my costume. Is there a way to hide the straps so I can stay original to the character? In the series it looks like it's held by magnet and no straps are shown.

I considered to get white and black straps so it would match the front part of my costume, because Blake's costume is black and white.

My issue is a bit similar to Cloud(Final Fantasy), how he carry his weapon.

Any ideas?

#2 beckala3505 on 2 years ago


I think that if you use clips that are part of the Coat/jacket and have the scabbard clip into place.

not knowing exactly how you're creating the outfit I couldn't give anything more descriptive.

but if you use something like these [url][/url]
then at least you can remove it as and when needed. one near the top and one near the lower back.

hope this helps