Eyeliner+eyebrow: how to get precise lines?

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#1 crofts on 3 years ago

Admittedly I am no make up guru. My usual makeup look is a natural smokey eye without eyeliner at all-I'm simply too lazy to bother (I tend to be shaky and uneven).
BUT for my make up on an upcoming cosplay, I need to have essentially three eyeliner wings, as well as a winged eyebrow-this is the look I'm going for:
Obviously even the makeup on her isn't perfect-the eyebrows are slightly different, and some of the lines aren't exactly the smoothest. But I'm at a complete loss as to what product to use and how to get the details with that product.
Pencil liners seem like they'd be too smudged to really fit that bill. Liquid liners are hard for me to control (I am yet to try a felt tipped, but I feel like that would make it hard to get the tiny lines). I'm curious as to if gel liner would work better (I am MUCH better with a brush than with anything else), but my concern then is drying time-I don't want to have to hold my eyes closed in front of a fan for five minutes so I don't ruin my make up.

So any advice at all from a more... seasoned eyeliner wearer would be highly appreciated.
Thank you and have a great day!!

#2 micro-babe on 3 years ago

OMG YES. I LOVE THIS GAGA LOOK SO MUCH. Anyway, you're definitely going to need to practice this a bunch of times before getting it right. Gel liner works well for me and dries quick. My eyes are a little hooded and it doesn't crease. It helps if you set it with black shadow as well. I totally endorse gel liner. I like the one from ELF. It's cheap and stays put.

Also, to get those lines, take a light nude colored pencil that's a little lighter than your skin and trace out the shape that you want before you go in with the black liner. It's easier to erase the nude pencil than it is to erase black gel liner.

#3 Blood_Sword on 3 years ago

I'm far from super experienced with makeup or anything (I'm a guy who started using makeup for cosplay) and I started out with pencil eyeliners because I tend to have shaky hands and such so yeah, I feel you. I always wanted to achieve those clean, impactful and polished looks and I felt like pencils couldn't do it so I later moved on to use liquid liners. I've come to notice that I'm having the best results with felt-tipped liquid liners actually, I'd recommend trying one! Of course it will depend on the brand and the quality but I feel like it's easier to control.

Of course everyone has different preferences; I recommend trying all the different sorts of liquid liners to find the one best for you. :) I'm sorry if this isn't what you're looking for, just thought that I wanted to give a vote for trying out the felt-tipped liner if you have problems with shakiness and things not ending up looking even – it did the trick for me.

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