Munchies Problem

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#1 Emi Hana on 2 years ago

Okay, I'm kind of at a loss because this has been happening ever since I started losing weight. I'm sure this isn't uncommon, but sometimes in the evening, my stomach growls and demands food, even though I've eaten my usual 3 meals a day.

It doesn't happen all the time, but when it hits, it's consuming and won't stop until I've obeyed my hunger.

I have talked about it, and someone suggested that I munch on nuts - except for peanuts - to curb the craving. I've also tried pickles and pickled Okra, because something about the juice in it kills appetite - or so I've heard.

So, my question is: when I grocery shop, should I invest in pickles / pickled items, nuts, or something else to curb the munchies? I don't want to over-eat, but at the same time, I don't want to starve myself.

#2 Keitarin on 2 years ago

I suggest eating something high in protein without a lot of calories or sugar. Nuts are good as long as you watch your portions, since it's easy to eat a whole bunch at once if you don't pay attention. I'd also recommend Greek yogurt with low sugar, or a similar product like skyr (basically Norwegian yogurt). :)

#3 Keebablue on 2 years ago

There's a few things you can do! You can eat smaller meals a little more frequently throughout the day; this may help you feel less hungry throughout the day. Increasing your fiber intake with your meal can help you feel fuller. Fat and protien are also very helpful. What time in the evening is your hunger occurring at? If you eat your final meal of the day around 5 or 6 and your hungry around 9-10 thats not surprising. Eating a bedtime snack wont hurt you if your feeling super hungry. It can really sabotage your weight loss if you become super hungry- when you get to the point where you just *have* to eat, the average person tends to reach for high calorie/sugary snack foods (you can thank your brain for that!) and that can really add up over time. Hence, smaller more frequent meals may help! As far as snacks things like nuts, eggs,cheese, lunch meat ( though these can be *very* high in sodium) are all great snacks. Nuts are higher in calories, so that is something to be aware of- cheeses, eggs, lunch meats tend to be lower in calories and carbs, and provide fat/protien. A small amount of carbs as well, for me personally, also helps. So for example maybe a scrambled egg with a bit of cheese (fat/protien) , and a single serving of a fruit (carb).
Also, if you dont have it, the "MyFitnessPal" app is a wonderful resource for keeping track of your food and activity! Its free, and I love it. It can really help with your meal planning, especially if you are tracking your calories.
Sorry if i rambled too much, but I hope maybe I helped a little!

#4 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

I usually have a snack around 3 or 4 in the afternoon then dinner between 7 and 8. Then I have no problems. I usually go to bed around 11. I don't normally feel hungry until 9am. (I have morning medication that I have to take on an empty stomach so I have to have a later breakfast.)

I find for my munchies, sometimes a little bit of lemon juice in water can take the edge off.

#5 ShinobiXikyu on 2 years ago

Protein never fills me up, so if I'm watching my weight I go for high-fiber snacks. My healthy go-tos are dried dates, and bananas. Dates are super sweet so they nicely satisfy a sugar craving- which is really common in the evening too, I have that all the darn time- and they're full of fiber and take a fair bit of chewing (I get medjool dates, they're the biggest and the sweetest). Bananas are also full of fiber among other good things, having one with my breakfast usually means I don't even need to eat a proper lunch because I won't be hungry enough. I've also occasionally found that just having something flavoured to drink can help with "I need something other than water" feelings (I don't exactly mean actually being hungry, but occasions where you can't seem to get a dry or bad taste out of your mouth with water alone, or you feel like you SHOULD have something but you don't really feel hungry). I'm a tea fiend so I go with some variety of tea blend that I can take straight without needing milk or sugar (like mint tea, or some fruity herbal teas), as I can't stand bitter flavours. Frescas, flavoured water, or those crystal lite/mio things that you add to regular water all work.

#6 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

snacking might not be a hunger thing, somethings its that your dehydrated,
espesially if you have a very low salt intake, (salt is needed for the body to process water)

or it could be that your craving something

then theres stress eating...

examine why you may be hungry, could be just you want to adjust your eating times
or you may need to try resist eating and find something relaxing to do

or if its a salt thing, try a funsize bugles or munchos
or a sports drink gatoraid, quencher

#7 Yukeshiro on 2 years ago

I have the same problem as you. It's so frustrating. I know I've eaten enough, but my stomach still wants more. ;(