How to improve Koto cosplay?

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#1 RazorRain on 2 years ago

I've been told multiple times now that my Koto from Yu Yu Hakusho cosplay isn't very good and I'm at a loss at how to improve it.
I asked my friend what she thought was wrong with it and she said the wig. But I'm pretty sure I couldn't get a wig much closer to the hairstyle. Other than the shirt, which I admit is a little wonky from a bad sew job, I thought I did a pretty good job getting pretty close to what the character looks like. Apparently not :P
Oh and I did get a better tail than the one in the pictures.

Here's the character: [url][/url]

Here's my cosplay: [url][/url]

Any input is appreciated. Thanks

#2 Keitarin on 2 years ago

I don't think your cosplay looks too bad actually! I'm not familiar with the character, but after looking at some references and gifs, I'd suggest the following improvements:

-More dramatic eye makeup. Your makeup looks cute in close-up shots like [URL=""]this one[/URL], but your eyes kind of disappear in your other pictures. It looks like the character has some pretty impressive winged eyeliner, so I would add that to your own makeup. Don't be shy about putting the eyeliner on a bit thicker than you normally would. (but be careful not to go too overboard!) I also suggest using some eye shadow to make your eyebrows match your wig color; it's always a nice touch.
Also, in the references I looked at, it looks like she has small cat whisker lines on her cheeks, so I would add those too.

-For the wig, maybe try something a bit longer and use some hairspray to poof it up a bit. This character's hair is full of fluffy layers and volume, and seems to kinda go in all directions. Maybe something like Epic Cosplay's Apollo in copper red could be styled to suit your cosplay.

-For the costume, your choices of colors look really accurate and the craftsmanship of the shirt really isn't too bad! If you were willing to re-make it, however, I suggest widening the neckline and making it closer to an off-the-shoulder top, like in [URL=""]this image[/URL].

Lastly, you could also try wearing colored contacts and some fang tooth caps to match her green eyes and little pointed teeth. However I know both of those can be uncomfortable and contacts are pricey; they're just nice touches.

I hope this is helpful!

#3 RazorRain on 2 years ago

Great tips! Thank you so much :) I especially like the wig you recommend, I like it a lot more than the one I have now lol.

#4 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

I was impressed when I looked at your cosplay. Overall, it looks really close to the reference pictures. It does look like the shirt especially is more fitted than yours. Your seams could be taken in at strategic places and adding small darts to the front at the undercuts will help with that.

It also looks like the reference picture used darker stitching that you did. You could go over your seams or add top stitching to where they are on the reference pic.

#5 SeeU on 2 years ago

These are just a few things I noticed

Wig- you need to get a longer wig. Yours looks like a boy-cut style and hers is just barely touches her shoulders.

Ears- Hide your ear band within the wig. This will help it look more uniform.

Shirt- I would fit the shirt better to your body with some darts.

Tail- There are lots of youtube tutorials on how to make a puffy tail. Yours looks a little droopy. If you remake the tail then remake the ears to match.

Red skirt thing- I think the under side is suppose to be green not blue like the tie.

Choker- I would remake this a little wider and add a slightly bigger bow. The satin finish throws off the costume a bit so maybe just a simple cotton. If you have some of the red leftover from the skirt use that to make it look uniform.

Also a good ironing before you wear the costume makes a huge difference. I am not sure you are wearing make up (or even want to) but maybe try to color match your eyebrows and wear a small bit of a colored lip gloss.