Sengoku Basara Gathering 2018

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#1 Cruxiis on 3 years ago

Put Ya Guns On!

Hello everyone! I am putting together a 2018 Sengoku Basara Gathering for Day 1 of AX next year and would love for everyone to join in! We know its been a few years since its release, and the hype has gone down, but I know its all still blazing in our hearts with a fiery passion! (Such a Yukimura thing to say...)

Planning to have fun Basara shenanigans and raffle or two as well!

Anyways please join in! [URL=""]Sengoku Basara Facebook Event[/URL]

I myself am most active via my Instagram page, so if thers any questions I will try my best to respond back on here, but I respond best at Cruxiiis via IG!