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#1 Relia on 1 year ago

Hey, all! I'm Many Worlds Cosplay, your host for the Sailor Moon photo gatherings once again this year! This year I'll be partnering with Rizuki cosplay (one of our other hostesses last year!) to bring you our moonie photoshoots. We're still waiting for Otakon to open up Cosplay Coordination, but since it's gotten so close, we wanted to get something set up so we can at least start publicly planning.

Facebook event link: [URL="."]click-click[/URL]

Here's what you can expect:

Two photoshoots - One Friday and one Saturday, location TBD.

Photoshoots scheduled as follows -
[I]5 minutes - Overview and photoshoot ground rules
2:30 minutes - Full group photos
15 minutes - Smaller group photos (All good guys, all villains, all civilians, inners+outers, Chibimoon+ asteroid senshi, kinmoku senshi, Cosmos+Chibi-Chibi, cats, Tux/Endymion + Shittenou, Season 1 villains, R villains, S villains, SuperS villains, Stars villains, movie characters, all Serenity generations, 2:30 extra time)
30 minutes - Individual photos (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Tux, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chibimoon, Star Fighter, Star Healer, Star Maker, Kakyuu, Chibi-Chibi, Cosmos, Luna, Artemis, Diana, Queen Serenity, Phobos+Deimos, Naru+Umino, Tsukino Family, other non-powered characters, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, Beryl, Ail+Ann, Ayakashi Sisters, Rubeus, Esmeraude, Saffir, Dimando, Wiseman, Witches 5, Kaolinite, Prof. Tomoe, Amazon Trio, Amazoness Quartet, Zirconia, Nehelenia, Helios, Iron Mouse, Tin Nyanko, Aluminum Siren, Lead Crow, Lethe/Mnemosyne, Phi/Chi, Heavy Metal Papillon, Galaxia, 3:30 extra time)
2:30 minutes - Full group photos again
5 minutes - Otakon ends all shoots 5 minutes before their scheduled end times, so we have to clear out. :([/I]

This is a pretty full schedule, but it assumes a full cast! Any extra time not used for any cast members we don't have will instead go to shipping photos. Priority will go to larger canon ships since there's more likely to be more audience demand for them -- after that, if there's any time remaining, I'll take suggestions for smaller canon and non-canon ships at the shoot, because I love rare ships and non-canons too.
Canon ships (Serenity/Endymion, Uranus/Neptune, Chibimoon/Helios, Star Fighter/Moon, Luna/Artemis, Zoisite/Kunzite, Siren/Crow, Beryl/Endymion, Dimando/Moon, Nehelenia/Helios, Nehelenia/Endymion, Naru/Nephrite, Mercury/Zoisite, Venus/Kunzite, Mars/Jadeite, Jupiter/Nephrite)

[U]Basic Ground Rules[/U] -
1) Just because you're in costume doesn't mean you have to be in a photo! In fact, you don't even have to say why. Any photo you're not comfortable being in, you don't have to be in.
2) Don't badger anyone to be in a photo. Everyone at the shoot should feel welcome to participate as much or as little as they like.
3) Please don't photobomb any picture your character hasn't been called up for. While this is definitely fun and funny, we're incredibly short on time, and it would eat into someone else's photo time.
4) To fit as many people into each photo as possible, very large groups will be organized into four rows: seated, kneeling, lunging, and standing. I want you all to be able to be seen!
5) Always ask permission before touching someone else when posing for photos. Cosplay is not consent!

Any questions? Ask them here in this thread, or on Facebook -- both are fine. And please post to let me know if you're going and what cosplay you plan on wearing -- this'll help with planning! Thanks, and I hope we can make this a great shoot!

#2 solstis on 1 year ago

The link does not work.

#3 Ranma Saotome on 1 year ago

[quote=solstis;5060021]The link does not work.[/quote]
Here: [url][/url]