Ariel Costume - 1 inch thick Craft Foam

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#1 melissaortiz23 on 4 years ago

I am looking for 1 inch craft foam that can be molded using contact cement. Essentially I am trying to make this but don't know what kind of foam to use:


I bought some foam at Michael's but it didn't work with the contact cement:


I followed the instructions on the website and let the contact cement dry completely before squeezing the edges together to give the pieces a more rounded look but the foam did not really bend at the edges, which makes me assume that this is not the correct kind of foam.
I've tried looking everywhere I can think of with no luck on foam that is 1 inch thick that would work for this. Any help is appreciated! :)

#2 Taemi-chan on 4 years ago

Have you tried eva foam? I know it isn't smooth on both sides normally but it is 1 inch thick.