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#1 howdoimakethis on 5 years ago

Do you think it's possible to attain the noctis roen clothing from square enixs office? I tried calling square enixs japan Hq and taito corp. I also called Roen but they wouldn't disclose whether they were going to sell the clothes. Do you guys think they will reproduce any noctis outfits by roen? For me I don't think so because it's so expensive that hardly anyone would buy it. Let alone a boot from roen costs an arm and a leg of 1000-2000$. Just wondering if you guys think it's still possible to get the roen noctis clothes (one existing physically in squares building) in the distant future :alien: I really want it >.< it's something I can actually wear that's cosplay but not rejected by public!!

#2 usuyukisou on 5 years ago

The outfit made by Roen is meant as a reference for Square engineers to render Noctis' outfit in-game. I doubt it will ever be commercially sold, but you can keep your fingers crossed for a charity auction...

#3 Mangochutney on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=howdoimakethis;4918883]it's something I can actually wear that's cosplay but not rejected by public!![/QUOTE]

When I said choose or make normal clothes that suggested a costume, what I meant was explore your style by getting more creative with the clothes you already had or could get your hands on.

This? Is not that.

You do not need $2000 boots to express yourself better with clothes. You mostly need to look past jeans and shirts with memes on them.