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#1 axemnas on 4 years ago

Hey all, so I've been working on this steampunk creature of mine for almost a year now. I'm just now getting into the actual building phase. Anyways. I was hoping I could get some advice on a few questions that have come to mind as I've drawn out concept drawings and blueprints for this guy.

My first question of many is for his wings I decided to do a semi articulated set of wings. Using [URL=""]Gryphern's tutorial on youtube[/URL]. It's nice and my wings are starting to do exactly what they're meant to. Though the thing is I don't want to use their method for mounting them and so far I haven't found too many tutorials that give me what I need. I was wondering if I could get some advice on the harness. They need to be removable from the base and the base needs to be good support. for them while they aren't extremely heavy I'd like to actually be able to spend up to 5 hours with them on if I had to. For the strapping system if i was to use what is seen in the ref sheet do you think it would provide good support?
I also was wondering what would be a good way to hide the cord? I'm playing on this sort of Doc Ock idea where the spine on his harness actually has a section that links up to his spinal column

My next question is relating to his shoulder. I think ultimately I'm going to do all the parts in resin or vacuum form them with abs or HIPS but for V1 I was thinking of doing EVA since it's light and a little less expensive. Can someone offer me some advice toward making that articulated affect with the foam where when the arm goes up it comes together like that? I was thinking with interlocking pieces though I haven't tested the idea out and I'd love to hear some more thoughts on it.

My next question is probably one of the simpler ones. Does anyone know where I can find a old camera aperture or how to make one? I've looked at a few tutorials though they kinda lost me in a few places.

My next question is where's a good place to get leather for a low price I want to do his straps for both his harness and his goggles and belt in leather. His clothes aren't in the picture though I was thinking of your basic utility belt like on [URL=""]Hellboy in the Hellboy movie[/URL] Minus the holy objects and possibly gun holster. Is there a pattern I could use or would it be fairly simple to make without. I've looked at a few leather working videos online and my mom still has a few of her tools from a Tandy kit she got a while back. Mostly all i need is a way to get leather for the job that won't cost me a arm and a leg.

My last question is kinda open ended and probably will get a different answer from everyone but, here we go. What do you picture him wearing and what occupation do you think would fit him?

Thank you for whatever help you can give me. I can't say how much it's appreciated


#2 Dieselpunk on 4 years ago

I can answer the question about the belt - if there is a [URL=""]Tandy leather[/URL] near you, they should be able to sell you the leather, the tools and help you with getting started. They also have an extensive video library with tutorials on their website.