Luke Skywalker (RotJ) help

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#1 G01denW01f11 on 4 years ago

Working on my first cosplay, a Luke Skywalker one. References:[IMG][/IMG] [IMG],h_1200,w_1600/t_mp_quality/luke-and-ben-ben-kenobi-and-luke-skywalker-27203705-1600-1200-star-wars-episode-7-spoilers-luke-skywalker-jedi-or-sith-jpeg-148837.jpg[/IMG]

I can get most of the assorted components off Amazon, but I'm not sure what to do about the shirt. My best idea was to take a normal collared black shirt, remove the top button, then kind of sew some black fabric across the front to hide what's going on with the other buttons, and then that other top thingy will cover up the sew job.

I have no idea what's going on with the outermost layer. I do not know how to begin thinking about this problem. Is this the part where I find an appropriate pattern and learn to sew?

#2 jdcooper97 on 4 years ago

I think the outermost layer is just a solid black button up with the buttons removed and a black band across the midriff region. Hope this helps.