Majora's Mask 3D Announced

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#1 Quantum9 on 4 years ago


We asked for it, and Nintendo is delivering!

#2 jerseydudee on 4 years ago

Their limited edition or whatever edition it's being called looks beautiful, I wonder if they'll have a limited edition Majora's mask 3DS, I've always seen concept art for it in ZeldaDungeon. It would look amazing if they made one. But in any case WOOHHH! Thank you Nintendo!

#3 TheAnarCHris on 4 years ago


#4 ThakYuki on 4 years ago

The special edition is Europe only. (Boo)

I'm hoping for a special edition 3DS, as they've done special editions for the last two Zelda 3DS games, and I need a Zelda 3DS.