FANEXpo '14 Schedule/Q&A/Events

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#1 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

What are you excited for?

Although I can take the time off to go to it, I'm excited for that there doing another Murdoch Mysteries panel.

#2 dizzymonochrome on 5 years ago

hmmm If I want to see the Doctor Who cast, does this mean I need to pay an additional $30?? If it does, that's BS. :(

#3 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Yes it a charged event. You have to pay for the seating. >_>

Edit: Well the seating has sold out except the Gold Tardis Package. $700 F------ that. lol

#4 dizzymonochrome on 5 years ago

Actually, looks like there might be normal Q&A panels for Doctor Who cast members, just separately. I see one for Arthur Darvill on Friday afternoon. Still working my way through the schedule to figure out where I'm going to be.

Edit: Okay, looks like only Arthur is doing a solo panel. Sadtimes. I couldn't justify paying extra for the cast ticket. Arthur is extremely loveable though, so I'm okay with it as long as I can see him, even though I don't get to see Karen or Matt. I've had pretty good luck with bumping into guests in the hallways, and lurking about the side door of hall 105 and catching them on their way to the hidden hallway, so we'll see.

I'm really intrigued about this double captain panel at the end of Sunday....

#5 Merino on 5 years ago

I like going to Actor Q&As, also looking forward to seeing a bunch of cosplays. Maybe I'll be good and take a lot of photos this year?

#6 dizzymonochrome on 5 years ago

I find the actor Q&A's are hit and miss. Some are really good at it (Karl Urban, Stephen Amell, Marina Sirtis, Shatner, Zach Quinto, George Takei, and Tom Felton stick out in my mind as particularly enjoyable), but others are terrible at it (Richard Dean Anderson was just awful last year. And although there were a few memorable moment during Nichelle Nichols' panel, she also did the mumbling-off-on-a-tangent-old-person thing at times).

It's definitely the place for pictures. I also need to bother to take more pictures of costumes this year.