Looking for Michigan Cosplayers to form a group 2015

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#1 Tina Lina on 4 years ago

Hey looking for any Michigan cosplayers who like anime who want to form a group. I would like to skype first and if you plan on going to youmacon 2015 we can meet up there. If you live close by I would love to do any other cosplay activities like video skits, photography things like that. Thanks for reading this hope to get in touch!

#2 iamwhoiam on 4 years ago

I may be interested depending on what the group is for. I kinda already have a lineup I want to do for youma but maybe we could do a group for shuto :)

#3 Tina Lina on 4 years ago

Where do they usually hold shuto and when is it? I probably could make room for Youmacon since it's far in advance I only want to go to Youma if I can form a group. What was your lineup for Youmacon?

#4 iamwhoiam on 4 years ago

Shuto is in lansing in march or april. I was gonna do a steven universe cosplay and my hinata cosplay that weekend.

#5 Tina Lina on 4 years ago

I would actually love to Cosplay from Naruto I have always wanted to cosplay Gaara we could do that is anyone else cosplaying from Naruto that you may know :)?

#6 iamwhoiam on 4 years ago

Thatd be cool. I love Garra.
Not many of my friends cosplay and its usually not the same stuff as me. my boyfriend does naruto with me though.

#7 Tina Lina on 4 years ago

Same none of my friends cosplay my boyfriends wants to but thinks it's too much money oh well. I hope we can get in touch soon it would be awesome to have a friend who has the same interests as me :). I like to cosplay characters I can relate to I mean I know Gaara is a guy character but watever im going to go for it :). So your cosplaying at Shuto is that like next year they are having the con? So are you 100% done with your Hinata cosplay?

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