Steampunk Boots inspiration

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#1 FireSpyro on 4 years ago


I have a pair of boots I will be wearing with my steampunk outfit, they will be on show due to the length of the skirt at the front so I need some inspiration on how to Steampunk them up a bit more. I considered something like ruff and buff, put a thin layer on to chanr surface colour slightly (not sure if tarnish is right word) but does anyone.have any other ideas? Heres a link to photo ofthe boots I have;



#2 Mehdia on 4 years ago

Do you have pictures of the costume you will be wearing the boots with? Depending on what style you've gone with for that will help get ideas for the boots.

#3 Dieselpunk on 4 years ago

You can use the technique shown in this video to create a riveted metal look for your boots:


#4 RoseNoir on 4 years ago

I got some kind of buffer wax that makes things look 'steampunk', just look on ebay for it. But I put some on some black boots and it just made them look a bit more authentic.

#5 Emmejo on 4 years ago

Swapping the laces for a sturdy ribbon that matches your costume can create a nice look. What kind of character are you doing? That might help give us some more ideas for a way to integrate them.