filming of CMV at NDK 2015

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#1 NaughtsApproach on 4 years ago

This part of the forums seems to be dead...but i will try anyways.

I will be filming a CMV at NDK this year an need volunteers to be in the video!
More info is at my FB event page. please take a look :)


I want as many participants of all looks and skill levels!

#2 TunaTetrazzini on 4 years ago

Me and a friend might be able to do it if we're not selling in AA this year...I'll keep you updated~!

#3 NaughtsApproach on 4 years ago

yay! thanks :)

#4 TunaTetrazzini on 4 years ago

We didn't get into AA this year :( But that means I'm open to video filming! I haven't asked my friend so I don't know if she wants to do it, though.