AoT Cosplay Help?

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#1 DeadlyCrzy on 4 years ago

Hey guys,

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section, I'm new here!

So my little brother and I have been watching and reading AoT since it came out and we absolutely love it. I'm not that into a AoT cosplay but my brother is so I want to make one from him. The problem is, most of the stuff you can get online are either expensive and doesn't fit (size wise) because he's only 9.

Can someone guide me somewhere or help me create this costume for him? I've looked everywhere for a guide for an AoT cosplay for kids but I got nothing.


Is that cool or what?! I'm hoping to get something like that but tailored to fit my brother's needs and whatever extra accessory he wants.

Can anyone help me out?

#2 DeadlyCrzy on 4 years ago

Any help?

#3 Weiss no Obi on 4 years ago

I recommend [url][/url],custom-tailor it there by sending them your requests.