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#1 Vietnameseyumyu on 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I were thinking of doing a Dragon Age: Inquisition cosplay in the near future. Morrigan is a pretty good fit for me, but the only person who he could really pull off is Blackwall (which is fine because I love Blackwall). The problem I'm having is I have NO idea where to start with his costume. I'm fairly new to making costumes, and haven't done anything this elaborate for a guy before.

I want to do just Blackwall's simple "Skyhold" outfit - the quilted jacket, black pants, lots of brown belts. [url][/url]

One of my main problems is the jacket. I have no idea where to get something like that, and I lack the sewing skills to be able to make one from scratch. Does anyone have suggestions? I was thinking of taking something like this: [url][/url] and... painting it...? Somehow?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you! :)

#2 cactusmomma on 4 years ago

What you'd ideally be looking for is brigandine armor:[url][/url] Since that can be time consuming to.make and/or find, you could possibly get away with a Gambison...say, this white cotton one [url][/url]. ..dye it the correct color, add in studs (cosmetic iron-on ones or real, up to you)..and go from there?