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#1 Noize on 5 years ago

I had no idea where to start this thread. The Anime/Manga thread or the Video Game thread. I never really considered visual novels as video games since they are rarely produced for video game consoles, and many visual novels have been made into an anime and/or have a manga.

Is anyone a fan of Nitro+CHiRAL's works?: Togainu no Chi, Lamento, sweet pool, DRAMAtical Murder. Anyone planning a cosplay?

I have done a Noiz cosplay recently. I'm planning on a Fem!Noiz from DRAMAtical Murder, and Military Akira from Togainu no Chi. Who knows, I'll probably be planning on more DMMD cosplays in the future since I love the series so much.

#2 Purplewolf on 5 years ago

A gender bent Noiz sounds awesome! I love Dramatical Murder! And I am starting to get into Lamento. Right now I am working on an Aoba cosplay. I'm planning to cosplay him for PMX. I'm in the process of ordering a wig but I'm torn between two of them. I'm really excited to cosplay Aoba so I'm being very picky with the wig.

#3 bashfulbunny on 5 years ago

I'm only familiar with DRAMAtical Murder, but I've been thinking about starting one of the other games.

I have a Clear cosplay to debut at Youmacon this year. I'd love to do Shiroba or Sly Blue eventually. I think Shiroba is out of my skill set right now, but maybe someday! If I ever find somebody to cosplay twins with, doing Virus would be cool too.

#4 Noize on 5 years ago

@Purplewolf: I had no idea why I decided to do a fem!Noiz but it sounds fun doing a variation and the designs I see online are cute (I've never done a variation before). I've been wanting to play sweet pool but I heard it is kinda sad but really good.

@poetictragedy: I think you'll look amazing as Shiroba so hopefully that is something you will be able to do one day! I also always wanted to do a Virus and Trip cosplay but a lot of my friends don't play BL games and have never played DMMD and the ones that have don't like Virus and Trip because of the scenes from the game. Those two have a place in my heart though. XD

#5 Renegadefeather on 5 years ago

I love DMMD. I did a fem!Noiz back at awa and got the most attention I've ever gotten while in cosplay, so I totally support you doing genderbent Noiz! :)

#6 Azure Emperor on 5 years ago

I just discovered the magic that is Nitro+CHiRAL about a month ago, and I've already decided that Koujaku is going to be my next cosplay. ^.^'
Just his normal outfit, though one day I'd love to do his beast form... but I currently don't have any abs to show off or the makeup skills to pull off those flower tattoos, heh.

Shiroba's design is freaking gorgeous, I would LOVE to see somebody cosplay him in person! Damned if that ending wasn't depressing as heck though...

Also, inb4iiyo...

#7 Noize on 5 years ago

iiyo iiyo iiyo~~ XD
Thank you Renegade, I think I have more motivation doing a female Noiz now!

I'm currently planning on fixing my Noiz cosplay since the the blue parts of the fabric seems a bit too bright so I'm planning on dying it to be a darker blue color. I have an Aoba wig and thought why not cosplay as him as well? For Noiz, I'm also planning on remaking the cubes that are on the sides of his legs because the ones I have right now are made out of thin cardboard and I want the new ones to be made out of wood (I have access to a wood shop now so why not make some of my cosplays there while I have the chance).

I'm also having some trouble figuring out Akira's hair color... It's either a dark silver-with some blue or gray, or a green-ish color... Which one do you guys prefer?