Newbie to Steampunk Cosplay

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#1 Axel38 on 4 years ago

Hey so I've been looking at Steampunk cosplay for awhile and I finally decided to make my own costume. I've done some research about Victorian era clothing and I want to stay true to the era as much as possible. Anyways I found this fantastic dress with gold flowery/paisley embroidery but the dress length is pass my knees and it extenuates my wide hips. So my question is, should I hem the dress or leave it as is? I plan on wearing either black heels or ankle boots with this dress.

~ Thanks a bunch!

#2 Mehdia on 4 years ago

Do you possibly have a picture of the dress? That would help form an opinion. But I've seen steampunk with floor length gowns, knee length skirts, short skirts, pants, shorts...everything really.

#3 Axel38 on 4 years ago

file:///C:/Users/Sophia/Downloads/WP_20140913_001 (2).JPG

This is as best as I can get the pic uploaded (just copy and paste into the url thing)

#4 Elycium on 4 years ago

The link doesn't work (try uploading to photobucket)

#5 Axel38 on 4 years ago

Ok so I hope this link works. I tried photobucket this time.