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#1 DefectiveNaruto on 5 years ago

Just making this ahead of time so it can be set up for the coming posts of coverage on this thread. So mod please sticky this thread.

In the meantime check out our podcast I just uploaded as a preview to all things fanime coming up this weekend!


#2 DTJAAAAM on 5 years ago

Starting the upload process! Not everything is online yet, but I'll edit this post as the albums are added:


*EDIT 3*

All of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's photos are up, ending my coverage.

#3 Xeia DeVertrude on 5 years ago

Here are all the photos I've loaded up on both Facebook and Tumblr. Feel free to tag yourselves in the picture.

#4 Rcsi1 on 5 years ago

My photos are here: [url][/url]

Mostly photos of the Marvel Universe gathering but some hall cosplay too.

#5 NightingaleRush on 5 years ago

Here are a combination of pictures that me and a friend took, uploaded to Flickr.
[URL="[email protected]/sets/72157653111780930"]Hall Shots[/URL]
[URL="[email protected]/sets/72157653117622238"]Various gathering shots[/URL]
There are pictures from gatherings of: Fire Emblem, League of Legends, Digimon, Hunter x Hunter, Tales of, Love Live, and a couple shots of Seven Deadly Sins and Marvel

#6 katio-chan on 5 years ago


#7 CobaltTempest on 5 years ago

[url=]Here is my album![/url]

#8 DefectiveNaruto on 5 years ago

This is going to be a big one, but here is most if not all all of our coverage from fanime! there are some stuff still to upload, but check it out guys!

The Conover Ep. 71-The Ultimate Fanime Review

Cosplay Gallery

Interview with Wind of the Stars Cosplayer

Interview with the Chalk Twins

Instagram adventures

CWF presents Fanamania II

Mythbusters: Anime Edition

Opening Ceremonies part 1

part 2

part 3

Swimsuit Cosplay Contest

#9 Av4rice on 4 years ago

All mine:


#10 klmedia on 4 years ago

Had a great time at Fanime. Here's the three sets of cosplay snapshots. Group gatherings and photoshoots will be posted later next week :)

Fanime 2015 - Various Cosplay

Fanime 2015 - Various Cosplay II

Fanime 2015 - Various Cosplay III

#11 ZerachielAmora on 4 years ago

My photos: [url][/url]

#12 HeroicImaging on 4 years ago

Hey all,

I've uploaded the pictures I took at Fanime 2015. I was only there on Sunday, so I don't have a huge collection of shots.