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#1 EmiBubble on 5 years ago

Next year I will be moving into a dorm far away from my home, I'm planning to leave my sewing machine (Brother XL2600) here (so I can use it during the breaks) and getting a new one. Because I will be getting a roommate (or two), I want my new machine to be very quiet.
Can you give me a sewing machine recommendation and/or a review of your machine?

#2 ichigo_m. on 5 years ago

Right now I have a Bernina Activa 130. It's extremely quite. I've never had such a quiet machine in my life. It also runs very smoothly.

#3 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

You also need to keep any machine well-oiled; it makes a HUGE difference in how quietly it runs. I admit I'm horrible at that myself, since nobody ever really showed me how to do it and thus I can only oil my machine on the rare occasion I can take it in for a servicing- but my singer, a beast out of the 80's, is loud as hell when in need of oiling. After a servicing? Hardly audible.

#4 sashasuman on 4 years ago

if you get a program like that, they can usually adapt and convert to any embroidery file of your choosing for the machine that you own. These programs, may be designed for a specific machine, but they give you the option of configuring them to say a brother embroidery machine, or a singer futura as well as for say the Pfaff Designer Diamond, or Husqvarna Viking Designer series machines.

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