Maria Hill

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#1 lilone on 5 years ago

I'm starting work on an Avengers movie Maria Hill. She has something under the SHIELD patch on her left arm, but I can't tell what exactly it is. Does anyone happen to know? Also, any idea on how to make her com/headset thingy? Below are links to pictures of both in case you don't understand what I'm asking about.



#2 PrincessBeany on 5 years ago

I'm just starting on a Maria Hill cosplay as well! What did you use for her clothes? Did you find something or make it yourself? Thanks!

#3 Satine on 5 years ago

It's possibly something to do with rank. I wound up not having time to make mine, but I assumed that's what it was.

I just use an actual bluetooth headset (Jabra I think) as I need to be able to hear my phone at events anyway and it is easier than digging around in a boot or pouch. I use pouches instead of gun holsters atm as I have been in public venues so far. The shape is right but the corners of the square are in the wrong place. Eh, seriously I need function over minor details right now :)


I used a reversable sports mesh, never found anything like it again but it has a mid blue mesh face and smooth navy blue reverse so it was the one fabric for everything.