Lightning returns: FFXIII

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#1 Azuraschampion on 6 years ago

Anyone else super excited for this to come out? I absolutely loved the first 2 installments, and Lightning is my all time fav FF char. Has anyone planned cosplays from this yet? Im really liking the look of her black mage outfit, but im gonna wait until the game comes out, cause with 50 or so other outfits to choose from, ill probably like another one better.

#2 usuyukisou on 6 years ago

There's a thread right here for LRFF Lightning outfits:

I've got a to-do list a mile long, but I'm definitely excited. I wasn't sure NA would get some of the DLC, so I went and bought the JP version of LRFF (and FFX/X-2 remaster), so over spring break, I'll probably spend all my time observing how the clothes move and whatnot.

#3 Waifu Beam on 6 years ago

Oh yes I am. I originally had preordered the regular edition, but once Square Enix announced that they were bringing out their collector's on their site, I went and preordered the collector's and I'm giving the other copy to my friend. I want to make it my life goal to cosplay every single outfit she's ever worn in any game, even though it's going to take me quite a bit of time. I just love Light alot and she's my waifu and stuff and I know I sound weeabooish but whatevs. xD

One of my fav outfit of hers in LR is the Miqo'te. It's so adorable with the kitty ears and tail.

#4 Azuraschampion on 6 years ago

Oh, whoops. I looked to see if there was already a thread, but I was looking for the actual title of the game, so i missed the other thread.

Yeah, i went and preordered the collectors edition myself, cant not have that artbook. Oh, that artbook....

I was just playing the demo a few days ago, and im glad to see they havent changed the combat system too much. Only thing i really noticed was the addition of guarding and separate ATB gauges for each role. I really hope they allow for additional roles up to a max 6 like the original.

Oh, and dont worry, youre not alone in your hero worship of Lightning. If i had my way, she wouldve been my first cosplay. And i will fight you over her. Not that its matters who wins, she'd reject both of us.

Yeah, its a very pretty outfit. Idk whats it from though, so that means its from either FFXI or FFXIV.

#5 usuyukisou on 6 years ago

Miqo'te/Micotte is from Final Fantasy XIV. There was a crossover event for bonus goodies about a month ago.

Lightning has so many outfits this time... I'll go broke attempting half of them XD I've added Fuushi Kaden as the highest priority of her first press bonus Japanese-style DLC outfits, and I want to do Crescent Moon, but I'm so sad I missed out on getting Duelist since there isn't a high res image readily available.

PS Lumina also has her own thread.

#6 Azuraschampion on 6 years ago

Well im just gonna keep posting on this thread, since i meant it as a discussion and cosplay thread for the full game, not just one char. I am loving this game, i haven't been this into a video game in a looong time, not since the original FFXIII came out i think.

Having gotten a better glimpse of Yeul's personality after the encounter with her in the wildlands temple, im really wanting to cosplay her too. Ive always loved her design, and this just kinda pushed it over the top. I know i could pull it off too.