Looking for a room closer to the Con!

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#1 sycamore on 5 years ago

Hey guys! I've got a room reserved in the cheapest hotel in the area for Thursday-Saturday nights, but I'm looking to hopefully get space in a room closer to the Convention. Right now, I'd be around twenty minutes walking distance from Cobo, and I wouldn't mind something closer and admittedly less shady than my current accomidations.

I'll be twenty five in the beginning of October, and I'm a married woman that will be attending the Convention alone. I've got two cosplays planned - one is crossplay, so I would need some time with a mirror to transform into a man, but wouldn't necessarily need the bathroom if I had a mirror elsewhere in the room. My other cosplay is very quick to get on and prepared for.

I'm low-maintenance and quiet, and would mainly use the room for sleeping and dressing before going back out again. That's not to say that I'm not friendly - if we click, I'd love to hang out and make some new friends! I don't smoke and doubt I'll drink at all that weekend. Paying for my portion isn't an issue. I'd prefer a bed spot, even if I have to share with another woman. I don't snore. ^_^

Let me know if you're interested in splitting some costs! I'd prefer e-mails to [email][email protected][/email], as it's easier for me to check at work than the forums. Thanks!

#2 Frenzied Muffin on 5 years ago

I don't want to make any promises because I'm still asking my circle of friends if a 4th would be interested in my room slot. Currently its my gf, myself and a male friend. Sleeping would need figured out since you are female. I have a military cot that could also be used (for surprises...) as well. My room is at the ren cen. I will email you when I'm sure it's opened up.

#3 Reilala on 5 years ago

Not sure if you've found a room yet, but dropped ya an email.

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